quinta-feira, maio 15, 2008

Cafeine plus plus 4.0 ?

Hi Folks,

I was reading a lot of articles about the new "hyper ultra giga smart dummies" drug, also made for ultra-seniors with arcoleptics in the seventies, called Provigil. Well... In a huge flash back, Banffy had sent to me an article, kindo "The doors of Perception". John Hari told us a interesting history. But he concludes:

"I paced and agonised and finally concluded that taking narcolepsy drugs when you don’t have narcolepsy is just stupid. Our lack of knowledge about what it does to your brain was, in the end, a deal-breaker for me. Perhaps in sixty years we’ll know for sure it’s safe, and I will have spent my life at only sixty percent brain-capacity – but I’d rather risk that than brain damage"

Someone is trying it here, on Brazil. I'll wait and see... If, in ten years, he didn't become a moron, I ll try my shots and take the laziness... Until there, keep using my own and old methods: Chess, Açaí and old, black and warm caffeine :)

SENTAPUA! E vamos à luta, Filhos da Pátria!

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Mr. Gunn disse...

The article discussing modafinil was a little over-enthusiastic, I think. It's more suited for people who have to say alert and watchful for long periods of time, rather than people who need to make better decisions. It would help night watchmen or troops on combat missions more than it would help a scientist or software developer.