quinta-feira, julho 17, 2008

Comming from a long dip...

Hi Folks,

Despite my pro life is now like an mexican soap opera, we all had our light messengers working and... JK Rowlling Commencement Address at HBS this year and Tiger's victory just bring more light to our lifes.

Invest few moments of your life to see and read this.

And what does it have in Value Cloud Business? Ask Facebook, Salesforce.com and any sucessfull entrapreneur (or yourself and your inner dreams).

SENTAPUA! E vamos à luta, Filhos da Pátria!

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Anônimo disse...

Hi, Curt.
This is quite inspiring, really.
And it tells a lot about you and your moment. On the other hand, I can't deny that it brings me in front of a mirror talking to myself.
I hope this conversation will end (if it ever does) with me finally crossing to the other side of the river.