sábado, maio 19, 2007

E mais coisas de Microsoft como uma empresa de mídia...

De Mary Jo Folley:

"The aQuantive buy marks the biggest acquisition in Microsoft’s corporate history. (So much for the idea that Microsoft isn’t into big acquisitions. Guess a Google-DoubleClick deal, on the heels of a Google-YouTube deal, changed that dynamic.)"

* On May 3, Microsoft announced its intent to acquire European-based mobile-phone advertising company ScreenTonic.

* On the heels of its bidding-war loss of DoubleClick to Google, Microsoft is rumored to be nosing around another advertising company, 24/7 Real Media

* Microsoft is promoting its Personal Expressions for Windows Live Messenger theme packs, which incorporate an expanded capacity for advertisers who want to make "advertisers part of face to face conversations."

* Last year, Microsoft bought Massive Inc. to help the company embed ads in games.

* Microsoft is encouraging its partners to build Vista gadgets that are elaborate, interactive ads.

* Microsoft is seeking new ways to get members of its Live communities to build mash-ups around ads. They want to find a way to repeat the success of the Microsoft "Gears of War" trailer that took on a mash-up life of its own on YouTube.

At week's Mix '07, the final keynote from Robbie Bach, President of Microsoft's entertainment and devices division, made no bones about Microsoft's advertising ambitions. Bach spent much of his 45-minute address detailing how advertising is becoming more of a central component to many of Microsoft's businesses, including gaming, mobile phones and video/music delivery.

"The community took over and did the marketing for us. That, to me, is the excitement you get from using the software and services technology that Ray (Ozzie) talked about yesterday and bringing it to life in marketing," Bach said.

Com tudo isso... E mais aqueles 500 bilhões de dólares kikando por ai... Aparentemente Tio Bill, Tio Ball e Tio Ozzie sabem pra onde estão apontando os exércitos de Curry deles!

SENTAPUA! E vamos à luta, filhos da Pátria!

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