sábado, maio 19, 2007

Software - 120 BILHOES ...AD Business... 500 BILHOES! Alguma dúvida?

MAis um pitaco sobre porque comprar a Aquantive...

De um artigo antiquíssimo na Fotune, relembrado por Tim O'Reilly:

But the companywide excitement about the potential of online advertising is palpable. MSN's Blake Irving calculates that annual worldwide advertising spending amounts to about half-a-trillion dollars, vs. total software industry revenue of about $120 billion.

"Only 3.6 percent of that half-a-trillion today is being spent online," he says with relish, "even though 20 percent of all media viewership - including instant messaging, et cetera - is online now. So just assume that 3.6 percent grows to match the media opportunity. We want to be part of as much of that 20 points as we can."

Por isso...

SENTAPUA! E vamos à luta, filhos da Pátria!

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