terça-feira, março 13, 2007


"Vou dar a volta no mundo, eu vou... Vou ver o mundo giraaaaaarrr..."

Nick Carr levantou uma bola:
"But the nail in the coffin comes in tomorrow's New York Times, which features a big article by John Markoff on - yes! - Web 3.0. Formerly known as the semantic web, but now rebranded for mass consumption, Web 3.0 promises yet another Internet revolution. It would, Markoff writes, "provide the foundation for systems that can reason in a human fashion ... In its current state, the Web is often described as being in the Lego phase, with all of its different parts capable of connecting to one another. Those who envision the next phase, Web 3.0, see it as an era when machines will start to do seemingly intelligent things.""

Depois, mostrou o que era: a bola:
"Artificial intelligence guru Danny Hillis has launched an early version of the first major Web 3.0 application. It's called Freebase, and its grandiose epistemological mission is right up there with those of Google and Wikipedia."We’re trying," Hillis tells John Markoff of the New York Times, "to create the world’s database, with all of the world’s information.” Alpha user Tim O'Reilly says that Freebase "appears to be a bastard child of wikipedia and the Open Directory Project" but that it's really "like a system for building the synapses for the global brain.”

E... FreeBase é uma empresa da...

"Metaweb proudly introduces Freebase.com.

Based in San Francisco, Metaweb Technologies, Inc. was spun out of Applied Minds, Inc. in July, 2005 to build a better infrastructure for the Web. Metaweb was founded by Danny Hillis and funded by Benchmark Capital, Millennium Technology Ventures, Omidyar Network and other prominent investors. It is led by battle-hardened alumni of Netscape, The Internet Archive, Alexa, Tellme, Intel and Broderbund."

Isso me lembra Ricardo Jordão, falando de outra revolução:
"Houve um tempo em que as pessoas faziam coisas arrojadas para abrir novas fronteiras. Nós coletivamente esquecemos de fazer isso. Hoje nós vivemos um momento em que precisamos ser novamente arrojados." Bill Stone, explorador, 11 de Março na TED Conference."

E é isso. Quem acha q acabou, TA MORTO!!

SENTAPUA! E vamos à luta, filhos da Pátria!

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Anônimo disse...

Não é só lá fora que as coisas acontecem não. No Brasil, a empresa Cortex Intelligence está abrindo caminho e em português. Dá uma olhada nesse demo.