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Singularity University - URGENT!

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Nick Carr contou de uma tal de Singularity University, algo envolvendo Nasa, Google, IBM e algumas coisas mais intrigantes. Depois ele declarou que todos os participantes foram convidados a fechar o bico e deletar coisas de seus blogs.
Mesmo o Blogger sendo do Google, vou copiar tudo aqui também antes que tudo desapareça, mas pode ser mais um OAX estranho andando por ai...

Na dúvida, copiei tudo! :)

It was all very hush-hush. On Saturday, September 20, 2008, a carefully selected group of the tech world's best and brightest assembled in a windowless conference room at NASA's Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley - barely a mile from the Googleplex as the rocket flies - to discuss preparations for our impending post-human future. This was the founding meeting of Singularity University, an academic institution whose mission, as founder Dr. Peter Diamandis told the elite audience, would be "to assemble, educate and inspire a cadre of leaders who strive to understand and facilitate the development of exponentially advancing technologies (bio, nano, info, etc); and to apply, focus and guide these to the best benefit of humanity and its environment."

Also speaking that day were Ames Research Center Director Dr. S. Pete Worden, inventor and chief singularitarian Dr. Ray Kurzweil, Google founder and co-president Larry Page, Dr. Aubrey de Grey of the Methuselah Foundation, Dr. Larry Smarr of the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology (his slides, misdated by a day, are here), Director of Cisco Systems Space and Intelligence Initiatives Rick Sanford, Dr. Dharmendra S. Modha of IBM's Cognitive Computing Group, leading nanotechnologist Dr. Ralph Merkle, and artificial intelligence impresarios Bruce Klein and Susan Fonseca-Klein. Among the few dozen in the audience were Second Life's Philip Rosedale, Powerset's Barney Pell, and Wired editor Chris Anderson.

A photograph of the group - it kind of looks like the New Age wing of the military-industrial complex - has found its way into my hands, but for God's sake don't tell anyone you saw it here:


The day after the meeting, IBM's Modha wrote a brief post about the event, but his words were quickly erased from his web site - not, however, before they were copied to the MindBroker site. "All in all," wrote Modha, "a weekend day well spent in company of brilliant and sincere people trying to make a positive impact on the world!"

Modha's post is one of the few public clues to the existence of Singularity University. (Another person who posted news of Singularity University was, he reports, "immediately contacted by people involved with the SU launch and asked [nicely and as a favor, nothing like cease and desist] to remove the post from the web archive, the reason being that the web sources quoted [not available anymore on the web, but still in Google cache and some blogs] had been posted without authorization and in breach of confidentiality.") Attendees of the Ames meeting were asked to keep their lips zipped: "The Singularity University founding meeting and the details around the Singularity University are being held confidential until a public announcement is officially made. Please do not discuss or share this information publicly. Thank you in advance for your cooperation." The last thing you want to do is frighten the humans.

Vejam isso antes que suma:
"Founding Meeting for Singularity University
via Dharmendra S Modha's Cognitive Computing Blog von dsmodha am 21.09.08

On September 20, 2008, I was invited by Ray Kurzweil (Co-founder, Kurzweil Technologies),
Peter Diamandis (Chairman/CEO X PRIZE Foundation), and Dr. Pete Worden (Director, NASA
Ames Research Center) to attend a discussion on possible creation of Singularity University
at NASA Ames.

The meeting was beautifully organized and run. Ray Kurzweil made an amazing presentation.
I also made a presentation on Cognitive Computing. Larry Page said that he evaluates projects
on a simple binary metric: "whether, if successful, it can change the world?" Bob Richards
said that in any educational endeavor "peole are the product".

I had a chance to meet and discuss with Larry Page (Founder, Google), Nobelist George Smoot
(Lawrence Berkeley National Lab), Larry Smarr (Founding Director of the California Institute
for Telecommunications and Information Technology at UCSD), Tim Draper (VC, Draper Fisher
Jurvetson), Stephanie Langhoff (Chief Scientist, NASA Ames), Ralph Merkle (Institute for
Molecular Manufacturing), Michael Simpson (President, International Space University), Bob
Richards (Founder & CEO, Odyssey Moon), Moses Znaimer (ideaCity), Ramez Naam (Microsoft),
and many other distinguished people in different spheres of science, technology, business,
art, and media.

All in all, a weekend day well spent in company of brilliant and sincere people trying to
make a positive impact on the world! As an added bonus, I ran into an old high school friend,
Deep Nishar (Director of Wireless Products at Google)."
E também essa apresentação!

SENTAPUA! E vamos à luta, Filhos da Pátria!

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