quinta-feira, fevereiro 15, 2007

A pergunta de um milhão de dólares!

Dizem por ai que tem uma praga chinesa enorme que rogava: Que voce viva em tempos interessanes!! E que tempos interessantes que temos vivido!!!

E nesses tempos, a pergunta maior da Vida, o Universo e todas as coisas (cuja resposta é 42) é como cada um de nós vai gerar valor replicavel atraves de ativos seus. .. e não de gerar valor finito atraves do nosso recurso mais escasso: Nosso tempo!

Muitas novas maneiras de se fazer as coisas atualmente pululam ao redor dos conceitos de "colective creation", seja lá o que for isso. Pra mim, é apenas uma falácia de alguns centralizadores de $$ que acharam felizes lemings para produzir códigos, conteúdos e etc. Enquanto cada um dos milhões de usuários de toda a web 2.0 fazem os portais valerem bilhões, nada disso volta para eles (apenas em prazer de ter seu flickr, vídeo noYouTube, etc.

Recentemente, no The Curious Capitalis, blog da Time, alguem escreveu sobre Peter kropotkin (um socialista) e suas idéias.

Yochai Benkler, e seu The Wealth of Networks, também dá uma forcinha nessa direção, qdo diz q "is the emergence of more effective collective action practices that are decentralized but do not rely on either the price system or a managerial structure for coordination ... As computers become cheaper and as network connections become faster, cheaper, and ubiquitous, we are seeing the phenomenon of peer production of information scale to much larger sizes, performing more complex tasks than were possible in the past for nonprofessional production."

Justin Fox, outro cara da Time, já classifica as coisas como eu realmente vejo: Voluntariado.
"Open-source, volunteer-created computer software like the Linux operating system and the Firefox Web browser have also established themselves as significant and lasting economic realities. That's not true yet in the worlds of science, news and entertainment: we're still figuring out what the role of volunteers will be, but that it will be much bigger than in the past seems obvious."

Ai veio o velho Nick Carr e em seu artigoCalacani's wallet and the Web 2.0 dream.
lascou a mão:
"Clearly, Benkler is suggesting that we're undergoing a radical reordering of the means of producing and consuming cultural goods, one that will bring us - as long as the industrialists and lawmakers don't screw it up - to a supra-earthly paradise of thought and symbol. The moneychangers and their managerial goon squads will be thrown out of the temple, and the people will share their creative gifts freely over a dense network of fiber optic cables, a new and serpentless Tree of Knowledge hung with tasty digital fruit.
The invention of the radio - the original "wireless" technology - spurred the creation of a vast network of amateur broadcasters, but that nonprofessional network was soon displaced by a smaller set of commercial radio stations that were better able to fulfill the desires of the listening public."

E ai, vem Jason Calcani e detona tudo de vez: "Blogging was, as the case was stated, a highly personal activity that should not be trivialized by the forces of commerce and greed. I don't have a complicated relationship with money or capitalism: I love them both and see them as simply as fuel and the process by which fuel is produced. Money to me means time, time means quality, and quality means success ..."

Rsumindo tudo nas palavras de Nick"I think that what Calacanis is getting at is that the reason "social media" has existed outside the price system up until now is simply that a market hadn't yet emerged for this new kind of labor. We weren't yet able to assign a value - in monetary terms - to what these workers were doing; we weren't even able to draw distinctions between what they were contributing. We couldn't see the talent for the crowd. Now, though, the amateurs are being sorted according to their individual skills, calculations as to the monetary value of those skills are starting to be made, and a market appears to be taking shape. As buyers and sellers come into this market, we'll see whether large-scale social media can in fact survive outside the price system, or whether it's fated to be subsumed into professional media. Which is mightier - Benkler's dream or Calacanis's wallet?"

Eai, como é que maria ganha dinheiro na web 2.0???

SENTAPUA! E vamos à luta, filhos da Pátria!

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